Squalo Superbi // KHR!
17 October 2017 @ 08:26 pm
[log] it's just good business [closed]  
Characters: John & Squalo
Location: 182
Date: Late day 288 - early day 289
Summary: Out of the goodness of his heart, Dr. Watson decides to help out a newbie. Said newbie is, unfortunately, unfamiliar with the concept of gratitude.
Warnings: Nothing wild, unless I need to warn for brawling and swearing.

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Gregory House, MD
17 October 2017 @ 08:56 am
[network] @hotstud_xxx; text; Night 291 [open]  
[Maybe it's how antsy he's feeling about this stupid experiment with Sherlock, maybe it's leaving Wilson behind, maybe it's the fight with Stephen. And maybe it's just Norfinbury getting to him, but House opens his map to plan out his next movements and sees numbers out of order, seemingly random skips, and he can't stand it anymore. It takes him a good chunk of the evening he could have spent traveling to work on getting his map and his guide updated, but he does and decides this particular update warrants more comment than some of the others.

Well, and people should know he's not a little kid anymore.]

reorganized the map
i'll be updating numbers in new areas as we find more buildings
it's too confusing having this crap out of order

[Also, it's like nails on a chalkboard in the back of his mind right now. He knows it's irrational, but that doesn't stop it.]

updated romanov's building guide to match
you wanna add something, tell me
have a complaint about it?
talk to someone else
The Hooded Figure
16 October 2017 @ 05:04 pm
[network] @totheark; Video; Thanks a lot, Rob; Night (Post-Lockdown) 286[open][cw: character death]  
*Like most of Brain's posts this one is made up of clips strung together. It starts with a shot of snow; words have been dug into it.*

itis no
u s e

*It stays on that for a few moments then switches to first person video of Brian approaching a metal building*. He pauses at the metal door for a moment then shows a keycard to the camera. Its missing a photo but it has a name. Robert Miller.
Brian tries the keycard on the door (this includes rubbing the card on the door as well as more conventional means). It doesn't open.

The last clip is just of Brian--or, some weird guy in a tan hoodie and a black mask (with a red :( on it) for anyone who doesn't know what to expect with @totheark. He waves, then turns the video off.*

((*building 335))
Snowblind Moderators
16 October 2017 @ 02:46 pm
[network] @ADMIN; Obituary [DAY 290]  
We mourn the loss of those who have died in the time between the last announcement and this one:

James Barnes
Snowblind Moderators
15 October 2017 @ 04:36 pm
Test Drive  

If you'd like to apply to Snowblind and would like to test the waters first or get a sample set up for your application, this meme is for you! We've even provided some prompts for you to use if you want (but feel free to make up your own). Here's how it works.
✭ Reply to this entry with a character you're considering apping into the game. You can include the name of your character and the fandom in your subject line.
✭ Comment around to others on the meme, whether you're in the game already or not.
✭ Now you have a sample ready for your application!
✭ So go reserve and apply when reservations and applications are open.
✭ Seriously, do it.

Network Prompts
Lockdown has just hit, and you're preparing to settle in for the night when, suddenly, there's a noise from your phone. A notification buzz that sounds almost like the naughty laughter of a child. It looks like you have a new app, the icon displaying a jack-o-lantern. Choosing to open it will reveal a screen with two buttons: trick and treat. Only, trying to click on "treat" only garners more of that laughter from before. Maybe that's the trick.

And if you click on "trick"...well, nothing happens. Not to you, anyway, but someone else is bound to find a nasty note in their inbox with your username attached--or maybe even an audio clip of your voice, a brief video of what certainly looks to be you...but you're sure you didn't send this person anything. So what's going on? Nonetheless, whatever "trick" was received from you (or maybe you're the one on the receiving end) someone's got some explaining to do.

You don't wake up feeling as if today is any day different from any of the others...but that all changes very quickly when something unfortunate happens. Maybe you pull your tablet out of your bag to find that the screen appears shattered like a mirror. Maybe the dark outline of a black cat pads along the bottom of your inbox. Maybe cement-like cracks appear along your keypad as you try to type, warning you not to step on them. Or maybe still, the shadow of the slope of a ladder looms ominously over your screen. Whatever it is, the end result is the same: suddenly, you're experiencing terrible bouts of back luck.

It could come in many forms. Maybe you're tripping over your feet more than usual. Maybe you opened your bag after traveling to find a hole had ripped through the bottom and your lost some useful inventory. Maybe your rations have gone bad. Maybe you even injure yourself. Regardless of how it manifests, the status effect lasts until the rest of the day. Maybe you can turn to the network and see if others are experiencing the same or similar problems--or maybe someone has an idea on how to reverse it.

Action Prompts
You and your traveling companion have some quick thinking to do. Why? Because you were just chased not by one or even two anomalies, but by a whole hungry hoard. It's a miracle, you think, that the two of you were able to make it in unscathed...but it doesn't take long for you to realize that getting inside was hardly the difficult part. You've chosen an unfortunately big building to hide in, and between the two of you there aren't enough hands to hold down all the windows and block all the doors. What's worse: lockdown is still a few hours away.

It looks like you have a few options: try and systematically block every exit point before the anomalies can make their way through them, make a break for a different building, or let them in and take shelter deeper in the house, in a room with a single door that will hopefully be able to hold until morning.

There are, of course, ups and downs with each course of action. Can you get all the windows fast enough? Can you outrun all the anomalies from such a short distance? If the monsters are locked inside with you, is there a possibility that they'll still be there the next morning? Regardless, you have to think fast. You'll only have one shot at getting this right.

When you first find this house, you think you and your traveling companion have hit the jackpot. The cabinets are bursting with food, the closets and cupboards bursting with useful supplies--even electronics! At least, that's how it seems. But then you look closer, and nothing's real.

Everything's filled with neatly wrapped candies in plain black and orange paper. That backpack is made of tissue paper--that sleeping bag crumbles when touched, a very realistic dust sculpture. What's worse, only some of the candies prove to be candies. Others, neatly packaged teeth, eyeballs, spider carcasses...

But are those even really there? You might step in one room and back out again to discover the whole place empty, your findings, horrible or otherwise, completely imagined.

John Watson
15 October 2017 @ 03:34 pm
[network] @jwatson; text; Snow News [Night 289] [open/semi-open] [shadownet]  
[The second part of the message is OPEN. The first part is SEMI-CLOSED to anyone with access to the Shadownet - a text only app created by Winter. Winter is an NPC that you'll read about in the Survival Guide, but the basic primer is that she's a Russian AI who has been periodically contacting the Snowblind characters and trying to help them to some extent. She has been encountered in multiple events and aided characters in making private messages actually private.

Please see this post about Shadownet distribution. These are also characters who currently possess Shadownet. Anyone traveling with these characters will likely be able to read messages on Shadownet through their travel companions. We're working to get more copies.]

Shadownet Access Only
Winter, it's John. I wanted to get this summary to you sooner, but things have kept cropping up. Sorry about that. I'm covering ground you've already been informed about, but it's all here for posterity. Bullet points, as usual, covering Day 266 through Day 289. Others are welcome to fill in the finer details, of course. Not much has happened odd events-wise that you didn't hear about, but we have been doing some extra exploring that's pulling up some useful leads.

Open to Everyone
Hullo, everyone. Dr. Watson here with a summary update of recent happenings. My apologies in delaying getting these together. A few things have cropped up here and there.

[To put it mildly. Very mildly.]

For our relatively new arrivals: along with what's here, I have additional summary notes and am happy to answer questions if you have them. I'm heading to pick up a patient at the moment, but I'm also available for medical consultation as one of the medics here. Please let me know if you need anything. I'm running an on-again, off-again blood transfusion service for those with severe MN Poisoning. It's only a temporary reprieve from symptoms, but blood transfusions from healthy donors has proven to alleviate MN symptoms for up to two weeks.

Additional Information )
Zell Dincht
14 October 2017 @ 06:20 pm
Visualousity for your CR  
Visuals CR Meme

Ever find an image that describes your cr or another character? Well here's an excuse to share it.

How to play
Make a toplevel.
Tag in to other top levels and they'll respond with an image that represents your cr or character.

Here are some links.
Ao3 tags, We Heart it, image robots, and RP visualosities.
Peter Quill
12 October 2017 @ 06:17 pm
[network] @PetertheGreat; Video; Night 287 [open] [CW: Character death/suicidal themes]  
[Peter didn't meant to turn on video, but his hands are so frozen even with his makeshift baby-blanket-mittens that he just smashes his fingers numbly on the tablet until something happened. He also meant to send this only to John, but again, frozen finger-smashing.

He looks terrible, he's shivering, his face isn't as swollen anymore but there's still evidence of faded bruising on his cheek and nose that look just slightly off from being broken, as well as a frozen nosebleed, but there's also frosted reddish patches here and there, and on his ears, where his makeshift scarf from cloth scraps didn't quite shield his face and head from crawling frantically through the snow. He's obviously not been shaving, either.]

Bucky's dead.

[He's still catching his breath, wincing as he repositions his hurt leg on his seated position, as he leans his head against the wall. Trying to fight the stupid anomaly and then make it back here had been absolute hell on it. Bucky had been carrying him the whole time since he couldn't walk, which had been helping, but whatever progress he'd made over the past week was completely trashed. He had no painkillers on him, so gritting his teeth and trying not to completely lose his cool or whimper out loud would be all he could do.

Wherever he is, at least it's indoors. Once he catches his breath, he continues. His voice hitches, and he wipes clumsily at his nose. He hates this. He hates this, he feels so damn useless. He is useless.]

Just barely made lockdown, I couldn't...damn it, I couldn't krutacking save him. One of those things got him. Some creepy thing with a shield, I don't...

He saved my life.

He didn't fight it...why didn't he fight it?

[Was it because there was no way they could have ran away from it? He knew that thing, though. He said "Steve-- pal, you're stronger than this. Til the end of the line, right? Steve?"

He can't really work his fingers on his Zune all that well, which is very low on battery, and he's been compelled to hoard his songs lately, but he doesn't care. This is the least he could do. His voice shakes.]

This one's for you, Bucky.

[He plays the following song.]
Death the Kid
11 October 2017 @ 11:39 pm
[log] Rivers on dry land [Closed]  
Characters: Mycroft, Ecks, Kid, Dorian
Location: Hospital
Date: Morning 289, possibly a bit of chatter overnight 288
Summary: Convergence in the hospital!
Warnings: None!

The last ace in a lost hand )
Will Graham
10 October 2017 @ 03:36 pm
+1 Box of cracked crayons  
Hello Snowblind!

My name is Lae and I am absolute rubbish at intro posts. I am completely new to the game, though I had a lovely time on the TDM, thank you to everybody who helped make that so enjoyable!

I am bringing Will Graham from NBC's Hannibal to the game. He is coming in at the end of Season 3 Episode 3 "The Wrath of the Lamb." I have his his IC Inbox set up as well as a Permission Post. I also have an OOC contact here.

I tend to use the Permission post for basic permissions, including Will's rather invasive "empathy" habit. But because I know that Will's canon is pretty horrible I maintain the OOC post if there is anyone who isn't comfortable with his canon and would like me to avoid certain subjects in threads or avoid tagging all together.

Housekeeping out of the way, Will is arriving on Day 288 in location F27 and I am looking forward to jumping into things. If anyone would like to discuss ideas or plots or just anything really I would love to hear from you and I apologize in advance for the multitude of questions I will probably have in return!

ETA: You can contact me here, through PM and also on plurk [plurk.com profile] Laekhund my plurk is pretty much characters, RP, and cats.
09 October 2017 @ 09:52 pm
[log] On the One Hand [closed]  
Characters: Mycroft Holmes; Ecks
Location: Building 131 (the hospital), 3rd floor
Date: Evening 286
Summary: Mycroft Holmes makes the acquaintance of a two-year-old terrorist.
Warnings: none yet

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Mickey Ominous Mouse
09 October 2017 @ 12:58 pm
[log] Snow School [open]  
Characters: Vanitas, Billy, and the Vampirion Angels.
Location: High School
Date: Night 284
Summary: Who even knows
Warnings: Beckett, Vanitas, Brian?, and Jack!Dumpy. Will add more as needed.

Read more... )
Squalo Superbi // KHR!
09 October 2017 @ 10:20 pm
+1 assassino (parkourless variety)  
Hello! I'm Dem and I'm fresh meat in Snowblind.

I was actually considering this game for a while now and I've waddled around several TDMs, but something would come up or I would chicken out but here I am at last.

I'm bringing Squalo from some animu about shonen mafia, except his organization is pretty much the anti-thesis of the protagonists'. Under the name Varia, they're more or less your usual Psycho For Hire criminals, with a tad more flair and trainwreck. Basically, Squalo's job was killing people, living in the lap of luxury and being the best goddamn sword fighter the world has ever seen (until a 12 year old Japanese boy handed his ass to him, as they do. We don't talk about it).

No need to say, the whole Snowblind experience is going to be quite the culture shock for him.

He's starting off on Day 287 in Square CC5, and he's going to be Really Damn Cold as he just happened to get plucked here with summer weather coat and no Ikea rugs at hand. And so, it begins.

You can find me via PM or on Plurk. I look forward to playing with you all!

Snowblind Moderators
09 October 2017 @ 08:33 am
[network] @ADMIN; Obituary [DAY 288]  
We mourn the loss of those who have died in the time between the last announcement and this one:

Death the Kid
08 October 2017 @ 06:49 pm
[log] chips but no salsa [closed]  
Characters: Davesprite, Karkat, the Cat, Beckett, Angel, Rhys (the dickcheese one), and Enoch
Location: Building 309
Date: Day 285
Summary: A whole bunch of people meet up, tablet chips get handed off, and maybe pancakes happen.
Warnings: Nothing planned.

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Mycroft Holmes
08 October 2017 @ 07:14 pm
[network] @theiceman; audio; Night 286 [open]  
Good evening.

I've been scouring the hospital all day, and unfortunately I have found absolutely nothing in regards to the nanomachines. I realize that anything like equipment, machines, or pamphlets or literature would have likely been found already. If you have, please let me know. If the hospital is truly absent of anything to do with nanomachines, that is also something to note. Stolen, perhaps, or wiped clean for some reason.

Also, if anyone is in the vicinity, I would like to speak with you to borrow your tablet for a few hours. This will involve nothing dangerous, mind you.

[Well, the last time he'd tried a morgue experiment and considered himself perfectly safe he'd died, but this really should be safe this time.]
Snowblind Moderators
08 October 2017 @ 06:16 am
[network] @ADMIN; Arrival  
Welcome to Norfinbury. The time is E̛̬̞͖͖̫R҉͖̯̬R̼̻͉̰͎̳̙O̩͓͔̫͇͈̯R and the date is E̛̬̞͖͖̫R҉͖̯̬R̼̻͉̰͎̳̙O̩͓͔̫͇͈̯R. This network has been provided for your use. Please interact politely with everyone else on this network.
Flynn Carsen [The Librarians]
04 October 2017 @ 08:51 pm
[network] @librarian; video; late evening 284 [open]  
[Flynn is seated on a couch, wrapped into what appears to be a combination of perforated cushions and a throw blanket thanks Rhys you are the best. It's late and he looks as comfortable as he looks tired, which has a lot to do with the fact that he's slowly warming up for the first time since he got here. May or may not doze off at some point.]

Hello everybody, this is your librarian speaking, bringing you a small leisure intermission. Some of you may have heard about the book exchange that is currently happening. If not: There is a book exchange happening and we decided to take it one step further, actually setting up a small long-term e-library to collect and distribute copies.

I will be taking pictures of books I come across, creating rudimentary digital versions which I will then make available to interested parties. I will link you the provisional list in a second.

If you are in possession of or come across reading material during your travels and are willing to contribute, that would be much appreciated. I realize that you may have better things to do, with all the exploring and surviving and PTSD getting in the way, but if you ever find yourself holed up in a cozy murder cabin and you can't sleep because the howling wind really creeps you out and you happen to have a book in your pocket, well, here's an idea how to pass the time.

I also know some of you use this kind of stuff for trade. While I'm willing to listen to your offers with a stern scowl on my face, I am literally wearing my tie for a scarf so I really don't think I have anything of interest to you.

Hope everyone's inside, keep yourself safe and warm and have a good night.

[As promised, the video comes with a link attached.]
Mickey Ominous Mouse
04 October 2017 @ 09:12 am
[network; night 285 ] @betterhalf; Heavy Metal [open + filtered message for Billy]  
Found the way forward. Problem is that it's sealed up.

[ There are pictures attached of a metal building attached to a metal wall. ]

Looks like there's another key to find.

[ The message for everyone ends there. ]

[ Private text to @wiccandoit ]

Having fun playing at school?
Mary Watson
04 October 2017 @ 01:10 pm
@mewatson, video/text, late morning 284  
[The video feed starts in a bright and sterile morgue. A single drawer is open, a body bag unzipped and left where it sat on the drawer. A very slight collection of dust sits at the edge of the drawer, as if there had been something sitting there earlier. The camera pans through the remainder of the morgue quickly, as there isn't much else to see: more pristine counters and closed drawers.

Through a door, the video catching a peek of a red coat and a gloved hand opening the handle, and then the the camera reveals a darkened room. It's difficult to see; the tablet image jostles and a mini-flashlight turns on as the camera is straightened, and revealed are symbols of the prophet emblazoned everywhere. The entire area is decorated in a motif of black and red, curtains drawn, scattered chairs around the room and facing from. It's some kind of funeral home, and from the looks of it, it belonged to the cult.

After a few pans of the room, the video turns off.]

There is no mention of this building on any of the maps I've seen. Has anyone else seen it?