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CR Chart [LAST UPDATED - 7/1/2015]


Toshirou Hijikata | Oogushi-kun
Annoying. Eats dog food. Makes too many rules and depends on meta-text to prove his worth. Would never make it as a main-character. That V-fringe is too perfect to be natural. A waste of taxpayer money. Needs to be more careful. Don't lose sight, idiot.
Kotarou Katsura | Zura
Dead? What did I tell you, you idiot? Stop following me. Go home. Wake up.

Jin | Gramps
Personable as a wet rice cracker. Looks like a turd is stuck sideways. Takes himself too seriously. Too analogue too function. Straight-laced samurai type. Don't be too focused on what's next or you'll forget to steady yourself now. What a disaster of a cruise.
Tenpou Gensui | Tempo
Not human. Who knows what he is. Too weird and not a guy you want to bring to your family functions. Won't let you get in the last word. Ever. Thinks you're an ottoman. Would poison bon-bons, probably.
Henry Cooldown | Harry
Makes things weird even when he says he won't. Not a one-type of guy. Might be into drag. Would rather invite a bat than a man. Liberal with booze though. Sharing is caring. Tsundere, probably. A walking clean-cut, foreigner trope.
Sui Feng | Linglin
Idiot! Of course ice cream is going to give you a brain freeze. Don't blame me. Surprising that an ice queen is susceptible to that. Try experiencing the human spirit. Learn about those that you want to protect so badly.
Yoruichi | Yo-nee
Oi. It couldn't be helped. What can you do? Doesn't mean we can't share some ice cream anyway.
Tetsuya Kuroko | Kaneki
Shounen Saint. Has a strong soul and clear goals. Holds a lot of concern. Too sneaky though. Has passive-powers that rival those of a mother's. How did he develope that?! Even after what happened, stay standing.
Raikou Shimizu | Raichu
Rather not have a repeat of that dying thing, but that's behind us. What asphyxiation among friends? A lot. It's a lot that's what it is! What sort of anime do you think this is?! If you don't think I'm spitting in your food when I cook it - you're wrong! Just wrong! Pink is too flashy anyway! It can't be coordinated!
Genis Sage | Know-it-all
White-haired solidarity is alive and well! Remember that. Even if you're the nerd type, you're still stupid sometimes. That's just what kids do. No shame in that. Stop worrying about shouldering all that weight.

A-an emperor! This guy's just an emperor! It's too obvious...!
Natalia Korda | Nividia
Remember when faced with the great big ocean - spit in it. You'll feel better. Never going to be in the same room as that bear again though. It's creepy anyway! Straight out of a horror movie!
Ellie Williams | Edy
Kids can be so sensitive. Aye... This must be the generation gap. Uppity. Bound to get in trouble.
Yukimura Sanada | Flash Samurai Y
Married to the other flashy samurai? Less of a sore loser. Still avoiding whatever parties he shows up to. What's with all these over-the-top designs?! Call the editor and complain already!
Roxas | No Friends-san
Remarkably like the stereotypical teenager, despite his constant denial that he isn't. So edgy you'll cut yourself by touching him. Can't seem to catch the idea that people like him. Who knows why.
Toshizou Hijikata | Not Oogushi
Any one with the surname Hijikata is a lost cause. Also isn't careful. Bull-headed idiot.
Cole | Kodak
Is it a universal law that good souls have to be unquestionably creepy?! Brrr. Jury's still out on this one. Champion of Analogue.
Shoon| Shoe
Punch first ask questions later. No volume control. Not skilled with women. Or computers. Or maybe anything that's not punching.
Garrett Hawke | Fox? Pox?
Pee stream aims to the left. Kind of guy who would pee in a public pool. Can't seem to use his imagination and would rather have nudes.
Date Masamune | Flashy Samurai D
Incredibly sore loser. Blows things out of proportion. If this guys shows up to any parties, I'm leaving immediately. Why's this voice so popular anyway?! Where's the draw. Am I missing something? Am I out of touch with the fanbase?
Haruka Nanase | Mackerel God
The perfect sports protagonist. Learned about mackerel and straight hair from his mother. Ascended the ladder of society and became the God of Mackerel. Apparently wants a perm.
Prussia | Annoying Albino
Who was this again? Who knows. Probably not important.
Kaede | Kaddy
Those were Stands right? Or some sort of Bankai. That has to have been it... Not a ghost. Horns aren't a cosplay prop.
Aeneth Lavellan | Aliahan
Dragon slayer. A short dragon slayer. Sounds like she's straight out of Dragon Quest III. Drinks beer out of helmets, as one would expect. Absolutely just a woman to share drinks with and trade stories.
Ryoji Mochizuki | Ryu
Can't take a hint. Too nice to strangers. Absolutely a brat. No doubt. Gap rule applies.
Florian | Fluoride
Sharing one small piece of candy isn't going to make any one happy! Don't let vagrants take advantage of you.
Daiki Aomine| Daisuke
Someday will hit his much needed character-development. More technologically challenged than most.
Motonari Mouri | Pops
Fathers are a foundation of a household. But the loss of someone precious is a load to bear, even for them. Not sure if this guy's a monk short of a choir.
Horikawa Kunihiro | Sword-kid
As a sword, you protect a person's soul. So you must understand the human will more than most. Funny to think about. Still not completely over that whole "you're a sword thing" though.
Add | Lavender
Lavender hair will never take off. Flaunts the perfection of his pin-straight locks. They even smell nice. What the hell? It doesn't matter. It'll never be endearing.
Kyouko Sakura | Munchies
A man's dignity is not the wager you need to go for. Reach for something tangible. Like ice cream! Aim higher! Wager a whole milkshake when it comes to a competition.
Hanbei Takenaka | Handy
True master of de-railing conversations. Owe him a cup noodle. Best to avoid in the future. Has a dangerous posse. Absolutely a little shit.
Sousuke Yamazaki | M-san
A total M. No doubt about it. He's trying to break the smoldering anti-hero trope, but it's already been done before. 100 years too early to be complaining about joint pain.
Guan Xing | Who cares
All that time wasted and he picks someone else for help. Tch. who cares? Certainly nobody. Not at all.
Souji Okita | Soda
Universal constant: no Okita can be trusted.
Minako Arisato | Minato
Once you've dealt with one teenager in your home, all other ones just remind you of them...
Mithos Yggdrasill | Midas
If you just hang around that know-it-all, you definitely aren't going to learn to have fun. Go outside! Eat a candy bar. Sheesh.
Sasarai | Sasami
That cruise got out of hand. Take care of yourself in this place.